For over a decade, I have been a makeup artist in the fashion, film and television and commercial industry striving to make women look beautiful -- on the outside. What I discoverd over the years is that true beauty lies within. Don't get me wrong, I still love a gorgeous face of perfectly applied makeup, but the people I encounter who are truly beautiful have it going on both INSIDE & OUT.  Makeup then becomes the icing on the cake! Through yoga workouts, great skin care and a healthy, "balanced" lifestyle, I now help others achieve "Balanced Beauty."

Balanced Beauty Events and Packages



Mommy Plus Child #

What is a Metreat?

A Metreat is all the activities and benefits of a Retreat wrapped up in one afternoon or evening.  Create your own Metreat, choose from a wide variety of services to complete the Mind.Body.Spirit experience for you and a group of friends.  (Serivices include but are not limited to)


  • yoga class
  • yoga hike
  • dance yoga
  • aerial yoga
  • facials
  • nutrition
  • fashion

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What is a Balanced Beauty Package?

Want the mental and physical benefits of a yoga class combined with the relaxation and rejuvination of massage and facial?  Then you want a Balanced Beauty Package!! 

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