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The Concept

Life is about balance. Like most people I manage multiple responsibilities on a daily basis. Every day I strive to seek the perfect combination of who I am and what I believe in. Am I a family woman or a business woman? Am I a teacher or an artist? Am I peaceful and calm or wild and restless. The answer is, I am all these things.

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The Beginning

I have worked as a makeup artist in the television, advertising and editorial world for over 20 years. I have practiced and taught yoga for many years as well. My husband and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter in 2009. At times I am challenged by the by the “dance of life”, but I always strive to remain optimistic and grateful.

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When I am not teaching weekly yoga classes, doing makeup or day playing as “Mom Chauffer” I am focused on writing and promoting my “Balanced Beauty” platform of services, products and programs. I feel so fortunate to work in the Beauty and Wellness space because everyday is a new opportunity for growth and discovery.

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My ultimate goal whether as a yoga instructor, makeup artist or writer is to help as many people as I can feel and look great inside and out. Also, to find balance and beauty in their lives, homes and workplace. Thanks so much for checking out Alison Burmeister, I hope to have a chance to work with you soon.


Alison Burmeister

Be Balanced

Be Beautiful


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