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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga, it might not be what you are thinking. In today’s world of back breaking computer work, cross town commuting, texting, lifting, sitting...there are a lot of people who benefit from chair yoga. Stop for a second right now and check your posture. I’m willing to bet that your spine is curved, your belly is soft and your neck is pronating forward. If I’m right, you too could benefit from chair yoga.


Chair yoga is about realigning our bodies. It is not about easy, it is about accessibility. Keeping in mind we all have varying physical limitations, Chair Yoga will meet you where you are at. With endless modifications, chair yoga can be as gentle or as challenging as you make it. Chair yoga is available for corporate “wellness in the workplace”, Mindfulness in the classroom, senior

living facilities and so much more. Discover when your body is aligned and your in tune with your breath, how much more productive, stronger your body and clear your mind is.



                 Book Chair Yoga Class here

       or call 310.749.4929

4 seated tall.JPG


5 cat pose.JPG
6 cow pose.JPG


7 forward fold.JPG
10 leg lifts.JPG


1.Posture check! Sit up straight, feet flat on floor, core engaged.


2.Cat (Exhale). Cow (Inhale).


3.Forward fold release. Hands to ground/nose to knee. Relax neck.Interlace hands and rise to lift arms over head.Relax shoulders.

13.a seated twist.JPG


19 quad stretch.JPG


11.a shoulder opener.JPG
17 straddle fold.JPG
11.c shoulder opener twist.JPG



16 warrior II.JPG
14.c chair sequence.JPG
16.c warrior II.JPG



4.Seated Twist. Palms press together at heart, opposing arm to knee twist.


5.Forward fold shoulder stretch with a twist.


6.Warrior II on chair to extended side angle.

7.Seated Quad Stretch

8.Forward fold hip opener, shoulder and back stretch.


9.Chair pose, stand up (inhale) and sit down (exhale).

22 seated pigeon.JPG
22.a forward fold pigeon.JPG


22.c twisting pigeon.JPG


25 seated meditation.JPG
14.b chair sequence.JPG


10.Seated Pigeon with forward fold.

11.Twisting Pigeon with shoulder opener.


12.Seated meditation to rest, rejuvenate and ground.

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