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Zoom Yoga

Join for yoga anytime, anywhere!  


I love to work WITH clients IN their yoga practice! The two classes I offer on Zoom are very different, however, my intention remains the same. I want to help people look and feel good, inside and out. To get in tune with their minds, bodies, and spirits!  Although on-line, these classes are designed to be interactive. Join the class a few minutes early for an opportunity to make special requests in the beginning and receive suggested modifications while practicing. If you seek a more personal touch, I also offer private sessions. (available in person or zoom) 



Yoga + Weights (60 mins) 


Vinyasa Flow inspired sequencing. This class focuses on breath-linked movement, posture and alignment. No two classes are alike, but you can always expect a creative and intelligent flow with a body sculpting weight routine and deep, relaxing savasana. Leave feeling stronger and more serene. (Suggested Props: Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap and 3-5 lb weights) 


Chair Yoga (45 mins)  


Seated and standing postures sequenced to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Don’t think easy, think accessible. Whether you have limited mobility or have been sitting at your desk all day this class offers a wide variety of movements to restore circulation, relieve lower back strain, revive tight joints and realign posture. No prior yoga experience necessary, just a chair and a positive attitude!  

Tuesday and Friday (recordings available**) 


Yoga + Weights @8:15 am-PST 

Chair Yoga @10:00 am-PST 



**Want to join but can't make the designated time? Consider booking a private or purchasing the recorded version. All these live sessions are recorded and available for purchase to practice at your convenience.  



Private Yoga Session (60 mins) 


Explore your physical capabilities and discover balance in your mind and body with a personalized private yoga session. Either on Zoom or in person every session is tailored to the individual’s specific goals and needs. Together we “get into your body” through either physical adjustments (in person) or virtual adjustments (on zoom). Restore, rejuvenate and realign with the aid of props such as bolsters, blocks, foam rollers, weights and straps.  



Join on Zoom:


(All times are Pacific Standard Time)


| 8:15 - 9:15 AM | Vinyasa Flow + Weights 

| 10:00 - 11:00 AM | Chair Yoga Flow



| 8:15 - 9:15 AM | Vinyasa Flow + Weights 
| 10:00
- 11:00 AM | Chair Yoga Flow

(Donation based, $15 Suggested)

*Venmo: alison-burmeister


/In home or zoom avail/



/receive class recordings via email/


EMAIL: to request zoom link and/or request private or recorded sessions.


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