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Yoga Hike


Beauty, Breath & Balance Combined

Canyon Road and Sunset Boulevard.

Temescal Gateway Park  15601 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades CA

Yoga Hike was originally designed with moms in mind as an opportunity to exercise while enjoying the outdoors with their babies. Class consists of yoga warm-up stretches, a hike though Temescal Canyon and relaxation/breath work. It is Perfect for moms who are ready to regain their core strength and cardiovascular health while connecting with nature and bonding with their child.

Now Yoga Hike is for everyone!  The basic principles are the same whether you have a child or not.

 In fact many Dad's like to join us too! 



Join Alison Burmeister for guided moderate level hikes and yoga instruction in Temescal Canyon. Moms will need their own carriers and be comfortable carrying baby for 60 minutes. Everyone should bring water, sunscreen, hat for you (and baby), a snack (if you think you'll need it) and wear trail running/hiking shoes. All the yoga postures are standing so no yoga mat is necessary. The class will be 60-90 minutes in duration depending on the level and ability of the hikers.


If you enjoy Yoga indoors, wait until you are peacefully hiking, stretching and breathing in the mountains! We will stop periodically at "yoga stations" designed to stretch, strengthen and realign our bodies and focus on breath. Take in the fresh air, beautiful scenery and views along.

The good news for Moms is we often find your little one will snooze along the way!

Yoga Hike is suitable for all levels of yoga and the hike can be taken at your own pace. The standing asanas (postures) work every part of the body and the hike (approx. 3 miles) will get your heart rate up if you let it. Although each participant will be encouraged to reach their full potential in order to achieve the most benefit from the excercise, forst and foremost is to have fun!

What is special about Yoga Hike for Moms?

YH is great because it provides an outlet for moms and their babies to work out and relax in nature at the same time. It is also a time to check in with other mother’s and share stories and advice. It combines social interaction, physical exercise and a calming activity for both mom and baby. It is an easy and fun addition to anyone’s schedule.

YH is gradual and an enjoyable way to ease back into a workout routine for Mom and her new baby. Hiking and Yoga are low impact workouts so they do not stress the body. Working out with your baby is also less stress on the mind for Moms who are not quite ready to separate from their little one.


Yoga Hike is for Everyone!

Yoga is a great compliment to hiking because it provides diverse movements throughout the body and calf muscles as well as other muscles that typically tighten up after hiking. The combination of hiking and yoga also opens up the lungs more due to the cardio and focus on breath. Not to mention exercising outside, stimulates the senses, mind and heightens physical awareness. The vitamin D in sunshine raises serotonin levels, which has proven to increase happiness.

Yoga Hike will meet at the platform tree just inside the park. As you enter the main entrance follow the road all the way back to the second stop sign. (If you are driving, be sure to stop! They will ticket you!) To your left there will be a set of stairs that will lead you down to the large tree encircled by a wood platform.

It is one of the most popular parks in the Santa Monica Mountains. The park encompasses 141 acres of oak and sycamore canyons, ridge top views, and access to miles of trails in Topanga State Park, Will Rogers State Historic Park, and Temescal Canyon Park



»Calm your mind
»Bond with your baby
»Get out of the house and into nature!

»Focus your attention
»Reduce Stress
»Regain core strength
»Realign the spine
»Build cardiovascular health »Develop balance and strength »Stretch and release muscle tension & pain


Yoga Hike is $25 per adult per class (5 person minimum per class). Private, Semi-Private Group and multiple class packages are available.

Email Alison for more information

1) Is water available?
Yes in public fountains and some prefer to bring their own.
2) Are there restrooms available?
Yes at trailhead.
3) What is the best carrier for my baby?

Use whatever carrier you and your baby love and will be comfortable hiking with for over an hour. A ventilated, versatile front to back carrier with lower support more necessary the heavier the baby or more sensitive your back.
4) What should I bring?

Bring water, a light snack, a baby carrier, burp towel, sunscreen and a hat for you and baby. It is a good idea to change and feed your baby before the hike so they can sit comfortably while you exercise.
5) What if I’ve never done Yoga before?

The Yoga we will be doing is very accessible to all levels of Yoga Me and B Hike Yoga is for everyone.
6) Are Dads welcome?

Of course! This is a great workout for everyone, just be sure to let us know who will be joining and that they are able to do the hike.
7) Where do we meet?

We will meet at the platform tree just inside the park. As you enter the main entrance follow the road all the way back to the stop sign. Follow the stairs on the left side of the road down to the platform tree.
8) What surface will we be hiking on?

Wear appropriate shoes for vigorous hiking.
9) How is parking?

Temescal Gateway has free parking along Sunset Blvd and Temescal Canyon or inside the park ($10 in lot). Always come 15 minutes early so you don't miss the group.

BE WARNED: You will get a $100 ticket mailed to you if you roll through the stop sign in Temescal parking lot.

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