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Get Heart Happy

Updated: Apr 30

Did you know every time you lift your heart up to the sky, you not only get a great stretch--which improves posture and spine flexibility... You also get:

  • A boost of energy

  • Increased oxygen levels

  • AND (Here is for all you Valentine's out there!) stimulation of the heart chakra, which makes you more receptive to relationships and experiences.

Here are a few backbends you might try!

  • Modified Crescent Pose (With Chair)

  • Seated Backbend (I call this one Flashdance!)

  • Crescent Pose (Be sure your front bent knee is over your foot!)

  • Camel Pose (tucking the toes under will make the reach not quite so far.)

  • Bridge Pose (Make sure you keep space between your chin and your chest.)

  • Savasana with Bolster (Any sturdy pillow will do!)

Get Heart Happy this Valentine's Day, With a Back Bend!

Alison Burmeister


Balanced Beauty

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