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Raising Empowered Athletes

Updated: Apr 30

As a mom raising an athletic daughter, I was especially excited to attend the book signing for Kirsten Jones new book, Raising Empowered Athletes, A Youth Sports Parenting Guide for Raising Happy, Brave and Resilient Kids.

Now that I've finished her book I encourage anyone who is raising an athletic child, especially if your child is in the tween transition, to read Jone's book.

Her book is not just about raising healthy athletes but about the entire process from rec. league to college scholarships.

Full of insight, interesting stories and sound advice, this book is a must have for any parent raising an athletic child and would make a great gift for the holiday!


Sports is a major part of your family dynamic. Your sons get recruited for Division I college basketball teams. Your daughter, still in high school, plays for a highly competitive volleyball team and on track to continue in college. In her senior year she announces she doesn’t want to play after her last club season this spring.

Recruitment and sport scholarship dreams are on hold. What do parents do? Mom, Kirsten Jones, knows. You take a step back and you pivot.

Kirsten Jones, author of Raising Empowered Athletes-A youth sports parenting guide for raising happy, brave and resilient kids has been helping parents and athletes navigate the jungle of youth sports for years.

Jones is a former Hall of Fame D1 volleyball player, 15-year Nike executive, motivational speaker, Peak Performance coach, pod caster (with co-host Susie Walton), mother to three athletic children, married to Evan Jones, former pro-basketball player for Germany and Hungary, and now author, admits her book is not about raising athletes.

Her book is about developing compassionate, confident, resilient, well-focused young adults who passionately pursue their goals both on and off the field.

To read the full article and more, check out Circling The News.

Kirsten Jones, the mother of three athletes, has penned a book about navigating youth sports in today’s competitive climate.

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