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Revival Roots...planting the seed for healthier living and eating!

Recently I was asked to research and write about a company that builds, plants and maintains gardens for local Southern California residents. While the story itself was a bit out of my "Balanced Beauty" wheelhouse, I was still intrigued enough to accept the assignment.

Cherry Tomato Treats

What I quickly realized, is that gardening is not only something that I relate to and aspire to, it also most definitely fits into my "Balanced Beauty" concept. Growing up as a child I loved nothing more than going into my parents backyard to pick and eat string green beans straight from the vine. I popped cherry tomatoes into my mouth as if they were gum balls. I couldn't wait for the strawberries and rhubarb to come in so my mom could make her famous strawberry-rhubarb pie. I was so lucky to have parents who took time to garden and still do to this day! I learned to appreciate where my food came from and to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals.

String Green Beans Fresh From My Parent's Garden

If the saying "We are what we eat." is true, then why wouldn't we want to grow and eat delicious, healthy, organic, disease resistant food? I'll give you one good reason, not all of us are born with a green thumb. In fact, despite my parents influence, yours truly has a special knack for killing even the heartiest of plants let alone a delicate herb. This is where Revival Roots comes in! This company will help you grow and maintain the garden of your childhood dreams!

Dad In His Garden Back In Oak Park, Illinois

Needless to say, I was interested...and if you are on a learn more about Revival Roots!


If a resident has thought about starting a garden, but is unsure how to do it, it’s simple: call Reed Newman, CEO and Owner of Revival Roots.

Newman and his team of experts will not only help you plant the garden of your dreams, but also help you maintain and grow it.


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