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Balanced Beauty Interview with Celebrity Chef, Devin Alexander-Beauty Blog

When I think of "Balanced Beauty", one of the words that comes to mind is moderation. At a young age, my father shared with me one of his (many) philosphies on life, regarding moderation. He told me, "When it comes to life, take everything in moderation, even moderation." I'm pretty sure his idea of moderation and my idea of moderation, especially while I was in College, varied just slightly, but we will let that go for now...for the sake of relevance. What I am sure he was getting at was, in a "normal life setting" so long as you live mindful of your health and wellness it's ok to have a a big piece of chocolate cake with a glass of red wine (or three) every once in a while. Just don't do it every day!

Well for some people self control and moderation does not come easy. Some people legitimately struggle with control, diet and exercise and need a little extra help. That is where this Balanced Beauty interview with Devin Alexander comes in! Not only is she smart, pretty, funny and real...but she is a great chef who has found a way to make healthy food taste GREAT! I knew she was a girl after my own heart when one of her specialties was brownies! Devin is author of the New York Times bestselling cookbook, "The Biggest Loser Cookbook", host and guest media personality on shows such as "The Today Show", Good Morning America", "Dr Oz" and has been published in over 500 magazine features including Prevention, Women's Health and Shape.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of doing Devin's hair and makeup for various photo and video shoots, commericals and interviews. Recently, while in makeup on a shoot I took advantage of my captive audience and she openly shared her ideas around "Balanced Beauty". I am excited to share them here with you now! Enjoy, she is one smart cookie!...

Devin Alexander, Balanced Beauty Interview

What does "Balanced Beauty" mean to you?

D: "I think confidence is the number one component in beauty. Balanced beauty means becoming your prettiest self by highlighting your best features and easing up on self-judgment…and making sensible, not restrictive choices! For me, doing “too much” actually yields negative results – if I try for the “perfect” diet, it ends up backfiring and causing obsession…so I just make sure I’m enjoying every bite…and I’ve made a conscious choice to allow myself not to be a size 2 – a size 4 or 6 is fine for me. That decision has created a better quality of life (I can actually go on a date or hang with friends w/o ordering like a crazy person or never drinking; and I do activities I love instead of mundane, painful workouts in the gym). When it comes to my “beauty regimen” that’s pretty light too. I don’t overdo the makeup. I highlight my eyes and smile….and try not to focus or obsess on the wrinkles or flaws..and it seems to be working for me. I think spending time giving back to the world and feeding my soul makes me radiant more than spending endless hours at a salon or plastic surgeon’s office."

If you were stranded on an island and could only have three beauty products, what would you wish for?

D: "Aussie Shampoo, Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion Moisturizer, DermaE BB cream are the essentials. I’d also love an eyeliner and lipgloss! :)" (I feel ya girl!)

5 words of advice you would give to your 9 year old self.

D: "You don’t have to give up all off the foods you love! Choose wisely and you’ll be great! Food is to be celebrated, not a battle!!"

Favorite way to work out?

D: "Beach tennis (or tennis when beach tennis isn’t an option). Beach tennis is weirdly easy on the joints and the fact that it’s so much about strategy, I never find myself looking at a clock the way I do when I’m at the gym!"

Favorite treat to indulge in?

D: "Devinly Delites™ - my line of better-for-you brownies that are soon going to be sold on QVC and beyond!" (YUM!! Can't wait!)

My favorite pasttime when I fly on a plane is...

D: I always work on airplanes – I figure I stuck in a tube on a plane with little option for fun. So I force myself to return email and catch up so when I’m home I can enjoy my friends and hit the beach – not be locked in my office!

One thing I have not done that I would like to try is...

D: "I’m lucky that I’ve experienced a TON so this question is tough. I guess it would be to adopt a baby. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and that’s one of the few things I’ve wanted that I haven’t made happen." (You'll be an amazing Mom!)

If you looked in my glove compartment/console right now you would find...

D: "Bliss grapefruit body lotion, quarters for my beach walks…and my car registration, of course."

I feel balanced when...

D: "I haven’t taken on too many work projects and can freely spend my weekends at the beach. (I should probably add here, too, that I weighed 200 pounds as a 15 years old and now maintaining my weight is relatively easy for me – I feel a genuine sense of balance there because I’ve learned how to cook amazing food that keeps me fit. And it’s second nature at this point! I hope any woman who struggles will follow me. As I said, I spent so many years hating my body and “wrestling” and now I feel more beautiful in my 40s than I ever have! And I wish that upon everyone!!!)." (Follow Devin!)

I feel beautiful when...

D: "This is tough too because I spent my teens and 20s hating my body, feeling less than. I remember the very first time someone ever told me I was beautiful and I believed he actually thought that (I was 26). Now, I feel beautiful often – not like I’m delusional thinking I’m a supermodel or anything…but I feel great. I’m strong, I’m happy and with a little eyeliner and lip gloss and the right dress (from sundress to formal gown), I feel great!"

Thanks Devin for sharing your story and for inspiring and helping others look and feel their best!

You are truly a "Balanced Beauty"!

Alison Burmeister


Balanced Beauty

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