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10 for 10 for $10 Sun Salutations:

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Make Summer more meaningful this year, take care of yourself and others at the same time!

It's hard to believe but Summer is here! What better way to usher in the Summer Sun than with a round of 10 for 10 Sun Salutations? Starting Thursday, June 11th through June 20th, join me in a commitment to create accountability and consistency in your life by pledging to do 10 Sun Salutations for 10 days straight.

(Play Video to Learn More)

Through facebook live classes, pre-recorded videos (you will receive with a $10 donation), group chats and live Zoom classes there are many ways to connect and support one another. Lets move and breathe together for 10 days in celebration and anticipation of the Summer Solstice. 

This Summer is not like any other we have seen before. For many, this Summer seems a bit darker, especially for children in less privileged areas. By joining me in a pledge of 10 for 10 for $10 your donation will shared with La Familias del Pueblo. Las Familias del Pueblo, established in 1981, increases educational opportunities by offering after-school, out-of-school and summer programs for the children of the garment workers in downtown Los Angeles. In response to Covid-19's premature ending of the school year Las Familias proactively addresses the problem of Summer learning loss with an out-of-school program offering a four-week summer school session focusing on math.  Your donation will go to a child in need by providing continuing summer education, an extra meal or maybe a new pair of shoes for Summer! 

Despite staying home and navigating difficult times, the light of the Summer Sun still shines upon us! A symbol of growth, health and strength the Sun is a powerful source of positive energy that when harnessed can do great things for our bodies, minds and spirits. I hope you'll join me for this meaningful round of 10 for 10 for $10! I promise you'll feel better for it and it will indefinitely brighten someone else's day too! 

Pledge and Subscribe to Alison Burmeister Balanced Beauty to receive pre-recorded Sun Salutation Flows and stay up to date on all virtual and private yoga sessions offered this Summer. 

In love and light, 

Alison Burmeister 


Balanced Beauty

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