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  • Alison Burmeister

Mavven Mercantile, combines curation and community.

A new space has opened for people to gather for wellness and DIY activities in Pacific Palisades, California.

A longtime resident of Pacific Palisades, I have seen many yoga studios come and go. It's a tough gig to manage the overhead with breathing and bliss.

What I love about Mavven Mercantile is the space is "whatever you want it to be!" said Michelle Villemaire, co-owner of Mavven along with Lisa Waters.

Yoga studio, Artist loft, Birthday Venue and more...If you can dream it, they will help you create it.

Next Friday, May 10th, we will be turning Mavven into a peaceful haven of yoga, breathwork and fun. In support of Palisades High School, all proceeds will go to raise money for the school.

Learn more about Mavven and the ladies who created it in my latest article for Circling the News.

And while you are there, become a subscriber and keep up on all that is happening locally.

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