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Create Good “Car-ma”

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

If you are doing any Holiday by car, plane or train. Check out a few of these poses and stretches to keep you aligned and feeling fine!

Support your Mind, Body and Spirit!

It's known that travel can be hectic and sometimes stressful. Mentally and Physically preparing yourself to remain calm and at peace with the traffic you may encounter is crucial and necessary for the sanity of everyone riding with you. If you are the one driving, line up a great music playlist, book on tape or find comfort in the moments of silence as your passengers rest. If you are the passenger, you also have a very important supporting role, which is, to keep the peace and pass the snacks!

Just like in the movies, the supporting role can affect how the story goes, so if you call "shot gun" be sure to take care of yourself! As a passenger here are a few stretches you can do while riding along to stay loose, limber and laughing...cause you may feel a little silly!

Speaking of support, literally support your lower back! Most vehicles do not have proper lower lumbar support, so for both you and the driver roll up a towel and place it at the base of your back to properly align your spine while sitting.

Begin with a seated cat/cow by drawing the heart forward, rounding the shoulders back, filling the belly on an inhale. Feel free to "Moo" here. Conversely, draw the chin to chest, round the shoulders forward and suck the belly high and tight on the exhale. Feel free to "Meow" here.

Cross your right leg over the left, take your left elbow to your right knee and right hand back to complete the twist. Sit up tall on the inhale, twist on the exhale. Repeat both sides.

Cross your ankle onto the opposing knee and gently press into the bent knee to open your hip and glutes. Fold forward to deepen the stretch and release the lower back. Do both sides.

Reach your hands over head and grab the headrest. Lift you heart to the sky, round the shoulders back and breathe.

For a deeper bend, interlace you hands behind you at your lower back and lift your hips. (Warning, you'll need to remove your seatbelt temporarily and this may warrant crazy glances from passersby!) Backbends are natural mood enhancers, which anytime a stretch can "lighten" the mood on a long car ride it's a win-win in my book!

Place your feet (make sure they are clean!) on the dashboard. Depending on your flexibility and car size your legs may be straight or slightly bent. Forward fold and breathe, with every inhale lengthening the spine and every exhale melting forward a little deeper.

Finally settle back in your seat and take three deep breathes for your mind, body and spirit...and one more for Good Car-ma!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

May you all have safe, balanced and beautiful travels wherever this road called "life" takes you!!

Alison Burmeister


Balanced Beauty

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