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What about Bob?

Have you ever met a Bob you didn’t like? Personally, I love me a “Bob”.  My late Grandfather was a Bob, my older brother is a Bob and my Mom’s brother, you guessed it--Bob. According to David Rensin and Bill Zehme, Authors of “The Bob Book”, there really is something about Bob... in a detailed survey they document that men named Bob “are decent, dependable types who instinctively make the most of a bad situation. Bobs are sensible, approachable, likable and reliable.”  So as I sat down to interview Dr. Robert Hamilton, founder of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, creator of the “Hamilton Hold”, Author of the “7 Secrets of the Newborn” and co-developer of “Hamilton Babies” skin and hair care products, I had to ask him, “What do you like to be called?” You can imagine my delight, when his answer was, “Bob”.



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