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What ever happened to the days of Summer

where your Mom handed you a bike (no helmet)

and said "I'll see your for dinner"?

Now it's all about the Camps! Sports camp, beach camp, sew camp,

art camp, tech camp, gymnastics camp, chef camp,

entrepreneur camp, tennis camp, surf camp...did I miss one!?

I got to thinking there needs to be a camp...for adults! 

Why should kids get to have all the fun? 

Introducing Adult Yoga Camp!

Adult Yoga Camp

What it is: 8 weeks of Yoga Tuesday and Friday's @ The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club

Starting the week of June 10th-August 2, 2019

Tuesdays: 9-10 AM Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Fridays:  9:45-10:30 AM Chair Yoga Movement


Thursdays: 2 Yoga Hikes!! (June 27 & July 11, 9-11 AM)

Thursday: 9-11 AM @ Temescal Canyon Gateway Park


If you are thinking...wait a second, this sounds a lot like the regular yoga schedule with a couple yoga hikes added in...you'd be totally right!  Here is the "Camp Deal"! 

Camps are all about the "Package Deals", so I've created the "Self Care Package Deal"! 

Reserve your space by paying for classes ahead of time and receive a savings on each class! (Plus it helps me to know who is coming!)

Summer gets busy, why not pencil in time for yourself today and make a commitment to create a habit that will serve you not only this Summer, but all year long!


Here's the Deal!

8 days (Tues or Fri Class/Or Mix it Up!) of Yoga for $80


8 days of Yoga (T/F/Mix) + One (1) Yoga Hike for $108


Session start:

June 10-August 2, 2019  

Yoga Hike:

June 27, 2019 & July 11, 2019

(additional hike dates available upon request)


"Self Care Packages"

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